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Latest Research Abstracts

The planetary positions and relationships at the dates of birth of a cohort of Nigerian schizophrenics.
The perceived efficacy of various "future-ologies" and complementary medicine
Belief in astrology inventory: development and validation.
Cognition and belief in paranormal phenomena: gestalt/feature-intensive processing theory and tendencies toward ADHD, depression, and dissociation.
Science versus the stars: a double-blind test of the validity of the NEO Five-Factor Inventory and computer-generated astrological natal charts.
Astrology's Role in New Age Culture: A Research Note
Astrologers at War: Manuel Galhano Lourosa and the Political Restoration of Portugal, 1640–1668
How the Sun Stood Still: Old English Interpretations of Joshua and the Leap Year
The Dragon of the Eclipses—A Note
Michael Psellos and Byzantine Astrology in the Eleventh Century
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